Carlsbad Youth Lacrosse Sponsors

Become a Carlsbad Youth Lacrosse sponsor and help improve the lives of those around us in Carlsbad, Ca. Lacrosse is the fastest growing sport on the West Coast and a sponsorship is one of the most cost-effective ways to create brand awareness for you and your company in North County San Diego. With access and visibility to our thousands of players, parents, and supporters, your return on investment is unparalleled, and tax-deductible. 

Tribe 7 Lacrosse

As a community we enjoy the friendships and comradery we forge with teammates, families and even opponents. We become a tribe, united by a common interest in excelling in the world of lacrosse. T7NA Lacrosse recognizes this importance of community and has infused it in our mission to improve the game of lacrosse from coast to coast. Our sponsorship provides 15% off every order through our website for the lacrosse community (use coupon code "CYL"), so cost is never a barrier for your players to plan on! Purchase now and help your player achieve success, no matter what level of play they're at.

Russ Cantu

Russ Cantu is a local brand and web expert specializing in elevating your brand and scaling your business. He's the one behind our recent website refresh and the one helping elevate our brand to new heights in Carlsbad and North County. He's the lacrosse head coach at Classical Academy and both his children play lacrosse, one at the elite level and currently being actively recruited. He's giving back to Carlsbad Youth Lacrosse because this is home, where his family lives and plays, and because lacrosse is the sport that brings us together. If you're looking for help with your brand or if your website needs some attention, we trust Russ; he will take care of you. 

Our partnership with parents is our secret sauce.

No one cares about your players like you do. We get that and want to make sure you know we have your back on and off the field. When you play lacrosse with Carlsbad Youth Lacrosse, you aren't just getting the best program Carlsbad has to offer; you're getting coaches, families, and players who genuinely care about one another, who seek to improve the sport and the lives of everyone we meet. 

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